Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Best Place(s) In The World For A Campfire

Bonfire on the beach in Placencia Belize with McKinley Pritchard
     So Natalie had another 10 day stint in the States, and the moment she flew out on Tropic Air I was looking forward to the day she would return on that same plane.  Life is more fun with your best friend around to share it.  She did finally come home and had a beautiful "welcome home" surprise from Ana.  Needless to say, we jumped right into family fun.  We couldn't get enough of the pool, walks on the beach, and Frank Sinatra at dinner.  We even went bowling one evening at Jaguar Lanes with our weekend guest, Megan, who is thinking of teaching at the small school our kids attend.
     Of course, on our morning walks, Natalie starts brainstorming about all the fun stuff to do as a family in Belize.  Piggybacking off the waterfall hike from a couple weeks ago, we talked about the three day Victoria Peak Hike.  Windsor and Rutledge are too young and will stay at home with Ana, and we will camp the couple nights along the hike.
     So to prepare, we thought we'd "camp out" on our beach and roast marshmallows!  As we took our afternoon walk down the beach we came across a large block of wood that David said would be perfect for a bench near the fire.  "But how will we get it back?" I asked.  Quickly David replied, "Let's push it in the water!  It floated here, it'll float back to our house!"  Genius.  Pure Genius.  We placed the new bench next to the fire pit we made on the beach and gathered firewood.  Natalie claimed to be the "one match wonder" at the Cove Camp back in the day, but the Caribbean breeze here made it difficult.  I finally took out the trusty grill lighter fluid and we had fire!  Don't know how prepared this family activity made us for our upcoming trip, but it sure was fun!

hotel vacation home placencia belize
Natalie came home to Ana's "vacation home" decorations
bonfire on the barefoot perfect beach in Belize
Just Right For Marshmallows
Lighter Fluid Assistance

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